Netherlands Postpones Online Casino & Gambling Regulation


In a move that will take absolutely no one anywhere by surprise, the kingdom of the Netherlands has once again announced a delay to the start of the regulated online casino and gambling market.

Now we all know that when it comes to gambling, the country (well the politicians) really do not want to give up the state monopoly on gambling and have been delaying stuff for years.

Their latests excuse is that they need more time to deal with license applications so they have decided to move the date to July of 2021 whereas before it was January 1st 2021.

The Dutch regulator or Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) announced the delay earlier this week and as we stated above it really did not come as a surprise to anyone. Undoubtedly they will delay it again and again although they may face some legal challenges if they continue down this road.

The Netherlands have faced legal challenges before and ignored European laws on the matter something that up til now they haven gotten away with.

We are really curious to see how long it will take for a fully regulated online casino and gambling market to arrive in the country, in the meantime of course all manner of less than regulated casinos will no doubt keep targeting Dutch players.

That last is actually ironic as the KSA says this delay is all about protecting players, then again who takes anything that they say seriously anyway. Certainly not a ton of casinos and affiliates that are still blatantly targeting Dutch citizens whilst not getting penalised.

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