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Voodoo Gold Slot

As most of you are undoubtedly aware our first priority at Online Casino Slots News is to compile the largest directory of online slot machines in the world whilst reviewing each and every slot that is added.

From day one however we have been a little behind the gun as due to popular demand we ended up adding slots by over 15 of the leading game studios resulting in a directory that currently houses over 2000 slot machines.

Since we are a hobby site and none of the small team can work full time on the site reviewing each of these slot machines with a proper review has turned into a somewhat monumental task which is why you see quite a lot of slot machines without a review.

We were however on track to start catching up especially since a few members of our site were (and still are) helping us out with reviews and tests.

This week however we have decided to change the format of our reviews, obviously when starting out a website changes will need to be made, driven by user experience, member requests and just basic common sense.

Changing the format of all slot machine reviews is going to add some substantial time to our schedule for getting reviews completed for each slot and we just wanted to inform our members and visitors of this fact. Slots will of course be available for free play, they just might not have a full or even any review.

We do ask that you keep leaving ratings and/or comments on any slot machine that you have played, we and all other members definitely appreciate this.

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