Online Casino Slots Update & Downtime

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To those of you that have joined our website or visit it on a regular basis it will come as no surprise that has been growing at a tremendous rate.

Not only has what started of as one single website about slot machine turned into 4 websites in 3 different languages and countries but visitor numbers have been going up markedly and much faster than we expected. Our increased international reach has brought both visitors and members from many different countries many of which are taking the time to rate a slot machine and/or give us feedback which is something that we really appreciate. Coincidentally this exactly what we were hoping to achieve.

Right from the get go we did prioritise the fact that we want visitors to have a great site experience, however as a hobby website operated by volunteers we did not have a huge budget to spend on hosting and tech.

Now this was not necessary as we closed a good hosting deal that we thought would cover our needs for quite some time and allow us to compile a directory of slots that you can play for free.

But with the fast growth, increasing visitor numbers and many new slot machines being added we clearly need to improve our hosting to ensure that visitors still have the same quality experience.

So over the next 3-4 days we will migrate our online casino slots websites to hosting which will allow us to continue to grow at this rate and which can be scaled up as required.

It may therefore be that online casino slots will not be available or intermittently for the next few days, something that we apologise for in advance. However doing this now ensures a better site for all of us.

We expect the upgrade to be completed by wednesday.

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