Free Online Slots and the United Kingdom


In a move which we at Online Casino Slots News can ultimately only applaud the UK Gambling Commission now requires websites like ours that provide free online slots to take steps in order to ensure that minors are not able to play them.

The way that this has been done is that players will need to verify their age one time with a regulated company in the UK after this they will be able to access any site using the new system that has now been put in place.

What does this mean for you if you are from the UK and enjoy playing free slots on our site? If you have not verified yourself previously then when you try to play one of our free slots you will be asked to verify your age.

We have opted for the most reputable company in the industry Agechecked to provide this service. Please note at no time do we have access to any of your private information or in fact any other details.

All checks are conducted by Agecheck as is the verification check that takes place once you have been verified. All they send to us is a signal that you are verified as being over the age of 18 and you will then be able to play our free online slots.

You can find more information on their website which details the whole process but in essence it is a very quick, free and one time thing that should not take much of your time at all.

This way we we will able to continue to let you play our free slots which after all is what our site is mostly about. And protecting minors from online gambling as stated is something that we can only support and hence we are happy to implement these changes as one of the first online slots sites in the UK.

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