Our Focus for April 2020 – More Slots & Developers

Zodiac Wishes Slot

The month of March is nearly over so it is a good time for a quick update about what we at Online Casino Slots News will be trying to achieve during the month of April.

As regular visitors and members will have noticed we have been adding a lot of slots by developers from around the world, during March alone we added close to 200 slot machines by 15 developers whose slot machines were not listed previously.

Demos are available for each of these slot machines although we have not had time to review them all ourselves in detail. But since we are a player driven review site that really should not matter to much and with more people joining and more ratings and comments being left things are pretty much going as we had hoped.

Visits are way up and many people are taking the time to send in suggestions and comments as well as requests for yet more slots especially more early releases and previews. On that note several developers are really stepping up to help us which is really nice to see, it is these kinds of relationships with companies in the industry that will allow us to bring you even more early demo versions long before slots are publicly released.

This is also why it is important for you to take the time and leave feedback on slots which is something that these developers really value, in fact quite a number of them are on our site checking out the feedback that members have taken the time to leave.

For the rest we hope you are all keeping well in these somewhat testing times, we will do our best to help keep you entertained by bringing you the latest online slots during the month of April.

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