The Daily Slot: Blazing Bull by Kalamba Games

Blazing Bull Slot

Every so often we run into a relatively new developer who actually manages to produce better slot machines then a lot of the more ‘established’ and big name companies operating in the space.

In today’s “The Daily Slot” we are going to be taking a look at one such slot b one such developer, namely Blazing Bull made by Kalamba Games.

Perhaps the best way to make a point would be to post a screenshot and a link to Blazing Bull slot which of course is available to play for free on our site.

Blazing Bull Slot by Kalamba Games

We really recommend that you take a look at the actual slot because the screenshot above really does not do justice to the quality of the finished product.

And when you consider that Kalamba Games have only been in this industry since 2016 and also compare this slot to some of the slots created since then by other developers and you can see why we at Online Casino Slots News take Kalamba Games seriously.

Of course having a good looking slot machine does not make for a good slot unless the gameplay and mechanics are also of a high standard.

But here also Kalamba Games have done a bang up job, creating a slot with a very high RTP yet having a fairly decent winning potential at 2667x your bet as a maximum win. And it is definitely a machine that keeps things interesting with 4096 paylines and plenty of features that add excitement.

We most definitely are a fan of Kalamba Games and if you try our free Blazing Bull slot demo we think that you also cannot help but be impressed with what they have created.

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