Virginia One Step Closer to a Regulated Online Casino Market

Virginia Online Casino

The US state of Virginia which traditionally has been against any form of gambling including that of the online casino kind looks like it might finally be moving towards some form of regulated market.

The relevant pair of bills which would allow sports betting and online casinos in the state has just been passed by Virginia lawmakers. All it took were a couple of small changes related to betting on college football and the bill managed to pass despite objections from some Republicans.

Assuming the governor of Virginia signs the bills into law sports betting will be the first to see the light of day as there are no further objects in its path.

In order to allow online casino operators there will first have to be referendums in 5 of the major cities in support of the change. These could be held and completed before the end of this year so next year could see Virginia added to the list of states where various forms of gambling are now legal.

Of course this is nothing more than a logical move, as we and many others predicted years ago the benefits of regulation far outweigh the downsides. More jobs, more tax income and protections for gamblers are just three of those benefits and lets face it banning gambling just means people will gamble at unregulated online casinos and place bets at their local bookies, neither of these options provide any protections for players at all and no taxes will ever be earned from that.

We wonder which US state is next on the list, surely there must be a place where one could put a bet on that.

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