Demo Slots & New Slot Machines News 26/02/21

Wonderland Wilds Slot

In what will probably be our last slots update for the month of February we wanted to let you know about the demo slots that were added to Online Casino Slots News today.

But before we get into that we just want to take a moment to thank all the members (and some non-members) who have taken the time to contact us regarding other websites that are stealing our content and trying to pass it of as their own.

Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of that going on at the moment but thanks to your reports we have had 1 offending website taken down completely and we are currently taking steps to shut down several more.

And although some of the ones in far of jurisdictions seem to think that they have nothing to worry about those slots sites are in for a rather nasty legal surprise.

There were a couple of website owners that have taken down any offending content and apologized and we of course leave it at that, everyone makes mistakes and far be it for us to pretend we have never made any.

And on that note let us get to the three demo slots that we have added today.

The first one is by True Lab and it is a slot machine with a Viking theme. Is it any good? Well take a look at the video and try the demo and then let us know what you think of Viking Runes slot!

Play the Viking Runes Demo

Next up we have a rather good looking slot machine with a really good free spin mode. Its called Wonderland Wilds and it is made by Stakelogic.

Play the Wonderland Wilds Demo

And last (and certainly not least) we have a new slot by High 5 Games that rather impressed us. It is a high volatility slot with a maximum win that is over 10000x your bet.

You really should give this Steam Punk slot machine a go, it can really throw out some surprising wins as you can see in our video that we recorded earlier today.

Play the Spin-vention Demo

So there you have it, three new demo slots for you to enjoy playing. We do plan to add some more slot machines in the next few days. If you want to know which ones have been added we recommend following us on social media (especially Youtube “All About Slots” is the channel name)

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