Rating Demo Slot Machines on Online Casino Slots News

It being a Saturday we weren’t really adding any new slots but instead spent the day tidying up things after our enormous makeover of Online Casino Slots News.

One of the side benefits of doing such a major update and spending a day updating demo slots, reviews and ensuring all new features are working is that you get to see just how many people are playing demo slot on our website and taking the time to leave ratings and/or comments on slots that they play.

Granted not everyone leaves a comment and one of the reasons for this is undoubtedly that our site is in English only which is something that we are actually going to be looking at changing in the not so distant future. We also get why not everyone wants to signup to a site and comment and this is fair enough. But looking at the ratings many of you are taking the time to rate the demo slots that you play and this is something that we really appreciate.

It may seem like small thing but leaving a rating on any demo slot really has a big impact. First of all it shows what you think of it and shares your opinion. It shares it not just with us but with other players and also developers who visit Online Casino Slots News.

All of us then benefit from this small act and it allows us to get an accurate picture of what slots by what developers are the most popular at any point in time.

It also helps us achieve our goal of Online Casino Slots News being a player driven review site, we really never want to tell you what we think of a slot (although we do so quite a bit) but we want to hear what others think.

Finally all these ratings are important feedback as we have said, especially for developers who often let you play the demo of an upcoming slot machine before release, in fact often we are the first and only slots website where you can play these early access demo slots.

You rating them (or commenting on them) can and has resulted in developers either making small tweaks or keeping your comments in mind for their next slot machine. This really is a way for you (in fact all of us) to be involved albeit in a very small way but we think thats fantastic.

So just to close out this unusual Saturday post we just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have helped us get this far and we are really looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year has in store for what is already the leading demo slots site in the world, yes ours and your site onlinecasinoslotsnews.com

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