All About Slots Youtube Channel Shut Down by Youtube???

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Hello everyone,

We have been receiving quite a number of emails as to what is going on with our Youtube Channel ” All About Slots”. As many of you have noticed our channel has totally been removed and all the slots videos that we added over the last 1.5 years as well as all of our subscribers and related content are now gone.

We were absolutely shocked when we received an email from Youtube saying that our channel (and account) have been deleted for “spams, scams or commercially deceptive content”.

How any of our videos which were clearly marked as demo slots in the description and on our Youtube channel page fall under this category is totally beyond us, we received no prior warnings at all.

We also don’t link to casinos but just to the demo slot on our website as you all know. We were not using irrelevant tags or doing anything which would breach the terms as far as we (and anyone else) is able to understand them.

It really is totally baffling to us that our channel has been treated like this and ironically other channels (including many monetized slots channels) are actually breaching the above terms whilst we comply.

We can only assume that either others have complained or a Youtube algorithm has once again gone haywire something that has happened in the past.

What makes it even more interesting is that other (also non monetized) slots channels also seem to have been given the same treatment including the channel of quite a popular and very established site.

Now we don’t have a large following on social media (we did have over 900 subs on Youtube) so the fact of the matter is that our appeal will probably be denied (although we guess there is a 1 in a million chance that things will work out). Going by the history of this type of thing unless you can make a lot of noise you are just going to be ignored by Youtube who really do not care unless they get a lot of negative publicity.

So unless a miracle happens we will no longer be able to bring you exclusive video previews of slots, something we were really enjoying as our videos were always well received.

We would just like to thank all of you who did subscribe and watch our videos, we hope you will continue to support our site in future by commenting, playing demo slots and rating them. If anything changes we will of course let you know.

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