Demo Slot & Tournament News 31/05/21

Beef Lightning Slot

Hello everyone, yes we know it has been a while since our last post but once again we have a good reason for not being more active post wise.

Since the destruction of our Youtube channel (by Youtube for some stupid reason which we do not even understand) we have been focusing more and more on writing our reviews, adding new demo slots and of course ensuring that our first free slots tournament would be a big success.

Whereas before we were able to bring you exclusive video previews which gave you a good indication of what demo slots we would add next we have been working diligently in order to make our site more navigable and more user friendly to achieve the same result.

None of this would have been possible without your explicit feedback so once again thanks to everybody who took the time to reach out and give us their suggestions.

We are actually a little upset about the fact that Youtube banned us but its not going to stop us from proceeding with our plan of ensuring that Online Casino Slots News continues to grow and be one of the leading slots websites in the world.

We might not be as flashy as some of the others but we bring you quality content and fast loading demo slots in order to provide you with the best website experience that there is.

Its also nice to see more and more slots developers reaching out to us and giving us their support something which has of course led us to be able to bring you our first free slots tournament.

We still have a few days left before it concludes so if you have not yet entered it please take a moment to do so. The more people we get to play the more likely it is that we will be bringing you more tournaments in future.

We have already exceeded our expectations by miles so we should be able to bring you some more interesting slots tournament news in the coming weeks.

For now we will continue to post less demo slot updates, as mentioned above we have improved the navigation of the site so it will still be easy to find all new demo slots. The same goes for our slots developers pages which have also (for the most part) been upgraded to our new format.

As always should you have any question or suggestions for the Online Casino Slots News team we would love to hear from you, the best way to get hold of us is to send us an email with your details and one of our team will get back to you.

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