Habanero Demo Slot News 21/11/21

Prost! Slot

As regular visitors to Online Casino Slots News will already be aware we are aiming to update you all via regular posts and in todays post we want to update you about our latest (and popular) Habanero Demo slot machines that are available to play on our site.

Habanero might be a developer that not everyone reading this has heard about but for the last 12 months we have seen a drastic increase in the number of people playing Habanero Demo Slots on our site.

In fact some of their slots are now among the most popular demo slots that we offer. We have to admit that we actually dropped the ball a little when it comes to new slots by this developer. Due to the recent issues with our site we have actually forgotten to add a number of Habanero Slots something which we have actually spent this weekend fixing.

So not only have we added some upcoming Habenero slots we have also gone through our previous reviews and added some new demo slots for you to try.

So here are the latest Habanero slots whose demo you can now give a spin or two.

First up we have Mystic Fortune Deluxe demo slot , this is a slot that was actually released a month ago but one that we missed.

It is not a very complicated slot machine but like most higher variance Habanero slots it comes with some pretty solid potential.

Next up we have the NineTails demo slot which can be summed up in pretty much the same way, it is not complicated but it sure does pack a punch.

And last but not least we have one that is bound to put a smile on your face in the form of Fly! Demo Slot which comes with another tasty maximum win amount of up to 36000x your bet.

For those of you that are not yet that familiar with Habanero and their unique slot machines we recommend checking out their developer page which is where you will currently find all of the 22 slot machines that they have released to date.

Now that we have caught up with Habanero we will be ensuring that we stay ahead of the game in future and we have already added a preliminary review of their upcoming slot machine called Prost!

Finally we would just like to thank everyone that keeps pointing out stuff, we have so many slots and so many developers wanting to be listed (or already listed) that it is next to impossible to not make a mistake from time to time.

We would also once again thank everyone that has played a Habanero demo slot on our site and taken the time to leave a rating and/or comment on the slots review page.

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  1. Neo

    Thanks for the Habanero demo slot update, haven’t been playing many of their slots as of late but every time that I do I enjoy it.

  2. All About Slots

    After publishing this post we did realize that we forgot to add one Habanero Demo slot that was released about 2 months ago. We will be adding that one later today so all should be complete.

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