Online Casino Slots News Update 11/11/21

5 Clans Slot

Hello everyone,

If you have been following us at Online Casino Slots News for the last 12 months or so you will realise that we have gone through quite a few changes in that time.

This is actually our third year of operating this website and while we are happy with how things are going things have not all gone our way.

The worst thing (or one of them anyway) that took place was Youtube banning our slots account permanently something that we have gone into detail on before but that we are now going to leave for what it is. Lots of people did enjoy our demo slot videos but unfortunately Youtube decided to see if a bit differently assisted ably by some competitors making false complaints.

That last pretty much sums up 99% of the industry thought that really does not care about players but just about lining their own pockets.

So be that as it may we have had some setbacks and focused on doing what we do best and that is bringing you demo slot machines.

And despite some problems we have been rather successful at that is well with close to 4000 slots now being available to play in demo mode on the side.

We have also optimized just about everything that we can so that demo slots will load fast on all devices although it will of course always take longer on mobile.

We have also continued to expand and grow our relationships with more developers which is why you continue to be able to play some demo slots on our site before they are available anywhere else.

The one area that we have been remiss in is updating you in weekly or even daily posts as to what new slots are available and this is something that we plan on starting to do again from today.

So lets do that right now and update you with the latest three demo slots that we have added today all of which are made by Betsoft.

Thai Blossoms slot, Stay Frosty Slot, Take the Kingdom Slot

We personally are not to enamored of the first two but Take the Kingdom we did find to be quite an interesting slot machine to play.

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