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As regular visitors to Online Casino Slots News will already be aware we have been running monthly exclusive slots tournaments in partnership with Pragmatic Play Social Tournaments.

But for those of you that are not familiar with us or social tournaments we thought that it might be a good idea to explain in some more detail in a dedicated post.

So without further ado lets take a look at what Pragmatic Play have created.

A little over a year ago the developer decided to enter the world of free slots tournaments and do so by creating a social platform whereby you can play various Pragmatic Play slot machines in demo mode and win real money prizes.

As you would expect originally it was a fairly basic site with few users and not many tournaments but in keeping with expectations Pragmatic Play dedicated a lot of time, money and effort into making the platform grow.

We ourselves hosted several dedicated free slots tournaments and it is a testament to how good the platform is that thousands of players have gone on to play in them.

In fact currently over 1 million euro in prize money has been paid to close to 80000 winners. At each time of day you can find thousands of people online, socializing, playing free slots and winning all sorts of prizes including tickets to exclusive tournaments and merchandise.

In fact Pragmatic Play have recently opened their merchant store where you can trade points that you have collected for all sorts of cool stuff and we are told that that selection will be greatly increased in the coming year.

Pragmatic Play really are taking it very seriously indeed as is also illustrated by the fact that they are currently hosting a world series of free slots with pretty impressive prize pools.

We are also still running an exclusive Pragmatic Play demo slot tournament so now would be a really good time to check things out if you have not done so already.

Use the link below to register for free and you will automatically be entered into our exclusive Pragmatic Play slots tournament.

Click here to play

2 comments on "Pragmatic Play Social Tournaments"

  1. Cat

    I also like the Pragmatic Play social tournaments, been having some luck with those and the last Online Casino Slots News tournament I did alright in as well.

  2. Neo

    I am actually quite impressed with how Pragmatic Play have gone and created their social tournaments website. Been playing in quite a few tournaments and even won 2 cash prizes which might not have been for life changing amounts but it was nice to get a win. The points and reward system is much improved as well and the world series really is quite exciting atm.

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