Since the day that we started Online Casino Slots News we have been receiving lots of different questions and of course we always take the time to answer them.

To make things easier for those looking for answers though we have compiled this FAQ where you will find all the questions that we get asked the most and the answer to them.

Of course should anything not be clear or should you have a question that is not listed on this page simply contact us and we will be happy to elaborate/answer.

Q. When was Online Casino Slots News founded?

A. Online Casino Slots News was founded in 2019 and marks the return of our team to the world of online casinos/slots after a 5 year absence.

Q. Who founded Online Casino Slots News.

A. Online Casino Slots News was founded by a group of friends that all have various experiences working in the online casino and gaming industry dating back up to 20 years. We have operated websites in the space before, worked as affiliates, affiliate managers and consulted to both gaming companies and developers of slot machines as well as a number of casino operators.

Q. Who are All About Slots?

A. All About Slots is our Youtube and Twitch channel name and also the name we use on social media. Our main website however is onlinecasinoslotsnews.com

Q, On your Youtube channel I see demo slot videos, do you also play for real money?

A. Originally we planned to use our All About Slots Youtube channel to showcase both upcoming slots in demo mode (which is what we now use it for) and to stream real money play. For various reasons though we decided that we keep All About Slots focused on that and that we would launch a separate channel for streaming live slots. (something that we have since then done). We stream live slots under the name “PlayKrown” on Youtube and Twitch.

Q. Where are you from?

A. The Online Casino Slots News / All About Slots / Playkrown team hails from allover the world , we have team members in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and more people are joining us each day.

Q. How does one join you?

A. If you have an interest in slots and streaming we would love to hear from you, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.