10x Rewind

10x Rewind Demo Slot
10x Rewind Slot

Game title: 10x Rewind

Game description: Reels; 6, Paylines: 4096, RTP: 96.5%, Volatility: High, Maximum Win: 20000x

Author: 4theplayer

10x Rewind Slot Review

10x Rewind is a 6 reel video slot with 4096 ways to win. It comes with an RTP of 96.5%, high volatility and a maximum win of 20000x your bet.

As usual 4theplayer have created a slot machine with numbers that make sense and seeing a 20000x possible maximum win for a high variance slot is something that will put a smile on our face.

For this time travel themed slot machine 4theplayer have once again pulled out all the stops and when you are playing the slot you are in essence travelling through time thanks to Rewind Time Win Spins which literally takes you to a past win and to either boost it with a win multiplier, award an instant cash prize or if you get lucky award even more rewinds.

It really is a rather cool feature that we are impressed by. We do love how 4theplayer lives up to their name and creates interesting slots that stand out from the rest. It hasn’t always resulted in the best slots but we can only applaud them for continuing down this innovative road which also results in very good slots like this one.

If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of 10x Rewind slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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User Review
4.2 (5 votes)

7 comments on "10x Rewind"

  1. King

    Well I do like the idea of 10x Rewind but I have played the demo quite a bit and in practice to me at least it does not seem to work out that well in terms of wins.

  2. socrates

    I actually did not enjoy 10x rewind that much when I played the demo. I do like the idea and the slot is nicely put together but it just does not seem to have much action overall. A lot of dead spins and small wins in my somewhat limited experience playing it.

  3. Joe

    I can only concur with Neo having played the demo for some considerable time. I did not actually notice the cut off writing at the top of some symbols if they land at the top of the reels but since I read your comment I could not help but notice that and now it kind of bugs me.

    Its a pretty good slot machine for the rest though and I enjoyed getting to try it out. Would I play it for real money? I probably will throw a few euro at it when it is officially released yes.

  4. Neo

    Well since you asked I felt it was my civic duty to really give the 10x rewind demo a good try and so that is what I did. First of I really like the concept and the way 10x rewind looks and sounds. The one thing that bugged me about the look was that Win Spin symbols get cut of at the top of the reels but that is a very personal thing. The symbols actually look pretty cool.

    Game play wise as I said the concept is really good but this slot really is rather volatile so it can take quite a long time before any real action happens and the interesting stuff kicks in.

    That’s fair enough though on a slot with this type of potential and volatility, suffice to say that it is definitely capable of handing out a solid big win when it feels like it.

  5. All About Slots

    We have added the 10x Rewind demo. This is a slot by 4theplayer that we would like to get your feedback on even more than usual so please try some free demo play and leave a rating and/or comment on our 10x Rewind slot review.

  6. All About Slots

    We have updated our 10x Rewind slot review, 4theplayer will be releasing 10x rewind on the 16th of September 2021.

  7. All About Slots

    10x Rewind is an upcoming slot machine by 4theplayer. As soon as we receive more details about this slot we will update our review.

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