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Bounty Gold Slot

Game title: Bounty Gold

Game description: Reels; ;5, Paylines: 25, RTP: 96.5%, Volatility: High, Maximum Win: 5000x

Author: Pragmatic Play

Bounty Gold Slot Review

Bounty Gold is a 5 reel video slot with 25 paylines. It comes with an RTP of 96.5%, high volatility and a maximum win of 5000x your bet.

Those numbers are of course decent and par for the course for Pragmatic Play as of late. As you can easily tell from the thumbnail on this page Bounty Gold is a Western themed slot machine and with Pragmatic Play’s history of making decent Western themed slots this is a release that we were really looking forward to trying out.

It is however a shame that the developer has seen to keep the maximum win amount on Bounty Gold slot relatively low, granted 5000x your bet is still a decent amount even for a slot that ranks the maximum variance number that Pragmatic Play has but we would have liked to have seen a bit more seeing how this is the sequel to Wild West Gold which has double the potential.

Theme wise this really is pretty similar to that original release the 5 reels are set in the main road of an Old Western Town and on the reels you will encounter pretty much the same symbols as in Wild West Gold.

This brings us to the gameplay which is definitely different than in Wild West Gold, the main difference is that Bounty Gold has no free spin mode, instead there is a money respin feature which is triggered by landing enough money symbols. Before we look at this we should mention that the money symbol can hit as a fiery money symbol that will award the total value instantly during the base game.

Triggering the money respins basically changes the slot into a Hold and Win type slot where landing another money symbol will get you another spin until you run out of spins which is when all the values are collected added together and possibly multiplied depending on how the money respin round played out.

Aim of the game then is to open as many matrices as possible which require the following number of money symbols.

  • 6 money symbols – 1 out of 4 matrices will be unlocked.
  • 9  money symbols – 2 out of 4 matrices will be unlocked.
  • 18  money symbols – 3 out of 4 matrices will be unlocked.
  • 26 money symbols – 4 out of 4 matrices will be unlocked.

You really want to open up 4 matrices as managing to fill the last one with all money symbols will result in the maximum payout of 5000x your bet being awarded. There is also a multiplier which comes into play, this increase the more matrices are unlocked and will multiply the amount of the win when a money respin round ends.

It is a bit of a long explanation of the bonus game on Bounty Gold but when you play the demo you will find that how it works is  pretty straight forward. Overall this however in our opinion is really not that great of a slot machine and probably our least favorite of all the “Gold” slots that Pragmatic Play have released to date.

If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of  Bounty Gold  slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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11 comments on "Bounty Gold"

  1. All About Slots

    Bounty Gold was released by Pragmatic Play today and is now available for real money play at all of our recommended online casinos.

  2. Kiwi

    I am on the fence about Bounty Gold after reading your updated review. Not sure how that Matrix thing works but I guess the demo will be added soon and I will know. I do feel its going to be a bit of a disappointment though with no free spin round and the pretty average maximum win amount.

  3. All About Slots

    Pragmatic Play have released some more information about Bounty Gold slot so we have update this review accordingly.

  4. King

    I am excited and looking forward to trying the Bounty Gold demo, hope this turns out way better than Day of Dead which I had good hopes for that turned out to be unfounded.

  5. Hodor

    Wild West Gold is certainly a slot by Pragmatic Play that I like so can’t wait to try the demo of Bounty Gold. Is that 5000x maximum win figure confirmed?

  6. Neo

    So Bounty Gold surely is the sequel to Wild West Gold which of course would also make me very excited to try out the demo of this one.

    • Ragnar

      Bounty Gold almost has to be the sequel doesn’t it. I liked Wild West Gold but that slot has a 10000x maximum win and if Bounty Gold figures are accurate (which it says they are) Pragmatic Play have cut it in half for this sequel. That would be a bit of a shame I feel.

      • All About Slots

        The numbers we have listed (except for the RTP) for Bounty Gold are taken directly from Pragmatic Play so yes at this stage it does look like the maximum win on this is lower than on Wild West Gold. This can of course change with quite a long time to go before the release but we will as always keep checking for updates and update this review accordingly.

  7. All About Slots

    Pragmatic Play have informed us that Bounty Gold will be released on the 11th of November 2021, we are still awaiting confirmation of the RTP for this slot machine.

  8. All About Slots

    Bounty Gold is an upcoming slot machine currently being developed and to be released by Pragmatic Play. At the time of creating this initial review page we do not as yet have all the details of Bounty Gold nor do we have early access to the demo. As soon as this situation changes we will of course update our review. The figures above are all quoted directly from Pragmatic, the only number that has not been confirmed yet is the RTP value.

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