Cowboys Gold

Cowboys Gold Demo Slot
Cowboys Gold Slot

Game title: Cowboys Gold

Game description: Reels: 5, Paylines: 10, RTP: 96.5%, Maximum Win: 60000x+

Author: Pragmatic Play

Cowboys Gold Slot Review

Pragmatic Play have certainly come out swinging with this Western themed slot machine that boasts a massive 60000x+ maximum win amount. Key to unlocking this bounty is triggering the free spin mode which if you get lucky can go absolutely nuts thanks to multipliers and retriggers. If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of Cowboys Gold slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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18 comments on "Cowboys Gold"

  1. All About Slots

    We totally forgot to mention that Cowboys Gold has now been released and is available to play at our recommended online casinos.

  2. neo

    This new rating system really is much better, I was a little on the fence about the fact that ratings were also displayed in the comments but that is actually a good idea. Now you can see who (as long as they are not anonymous) rated what slot and when which is much better.

    • All About Slots

      Yes we also think it is better although we did lose a years with of ratings and some comments with the upgrade unfortunately.

  3. All About Slots

    We actually just checked with Pragmatic Play and the maximum win amount on Cowboys Gold is 60650x which of course is massive. Bear in mind that this is calculated over a billion or more spins though.

  4. neo

    Cool now I can play again and see if I can hit bigger than 500x that I hit before playing cowboys gold.

  5. All About Slots

    The Demo of Cowboys Gold is once again available to play for free.

  6. All About Slots

    We have spoken to Pragmatic Play (see our full answer on the Pragmatic Play page) but in short other sites simply do not care and will post demo links obtained in various ways of Cowboys Gold and other Pragmatic Play slots even though Pragmatic Play does not allow this. Make up your own mind about the people and those sites that choose to act in this way and how “independent” “honest”, “transparent” and “In it for the players” they really are. Personally we value our good relationships with Pragmatic Play and many other developers so we will continue to play by the rules. Cowboys Gold will be the next demo that we make available, its release date is the 19th and not the 5th as other sites state. We will have the demo of Cowboys Gold available on the 12th which is when Pirate Gold Deluxe is due to be released. So you will be able to play the official demo one week before the official release which we consider to be very good actually.

  7. All About Slots

    That is exactly how it is but we will answer this question fully on the Pragmatic Play slots page so more people will read it as we have had several users including you point out the fact that slots were playable somewhere else and how that works.

  8. Joe

    So what exactly is the story with Pragmatic Play demo slots? Do you have access very early and are limited as to when you can show the demos? I assume this is the case although there are (as I am sure you know) several slot sites showing the demo of Cowboys Gold and a couple of other “upcoming” slots as well. Do they have different agreements/rules?

  9. All About Slots

    There is some confusion about Cowboys Gold slot, some sites are saying that it is out while we are going by the information Pragmatic Play has handed to us which says that it is not out yet. We will sort this out on Monday however and if possible make the demo available then.

  10. All About Slots

    Just a note regarding the demo of Cowboys Gold slot, we are going to have to wait a little bit longer before we can make it available for free play again, our apologies for the inconvenience.

  11. Joe

    Played the demo of cowboys gold for about 10 minutes, no free spins as yet but looking forward to triggering them and seeing what happens. Nice one on making the demo available btw.

  12. neo

    Just hit free spins playing the demo of Cowboys Gold for about 2 minutes. The result was a 500x win which is not staggering but I am going to play some more and see how it goes.

  13. All About Slots

    We have added the demo of Cowboys Gold slot by Pragmatic Play. Play the free demo and let us know what you think of Cowboys Gold by leaving a rating or comment on this review.

  14. neo

    I watched the video that you posted of Cowboys Gold, looks like free spin mode might make this slot worth playing. Not sure how seriously I should take the maximum win amount but I would be happy with 1/10th of that as a win 😉

  15. Ragnar

    Wow, that is a massive maximum win amount for Cowboys Gold. Going by the video Cowboys Gold free spin mode is a beast, I look forward to trying the demo.

  16. All About Slots

    We have added our exclusive preview video of Cowboys Gold to our Youtube channel.

  17. All About Slots

    Cowboys Gold is a slot by Pragmatic Play that will be released on the 19th of November. We will of course as always release a preview video of Cowboys Gold slot before this date.
    You can also expect the demo of Cowboys Gold to be available to play for free on our site several weeks before the official release date.

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