Eye of Cleopatra

Eye of Cleopatra Demo Slot
Eye of Cleopatra

Game title: Eye of Cleopatra

Game description: Reels; 5, Paylines: 20, RTP: 96.5%, Volatility: High, Maximum Win: 4000x

Author: Pragmatic Play

Eye of Cleopatra Slot Review

Eye of Cleopatra  is a 5 reel video slot with 20 paylines. It comes with an RTP of 96.5%, high volatility and a maximum win of 4000x your bet.

Just going by those numbers you would assume that the maximum win amount of Eye of Cleopatra is on the low side given that it is a high variance slot and in fact you would be spot on. For slots with this volatility Pragmatic Play and other developers usually set them to 5000x and above.

We are not sure why on this slot the amount is 20% lower and in addition we once again need to point out (like we always do) that Eye of Cleopatra is in fact a variable RTP slot machine.

For those of you new to this concept it means that Pragmatic Play have given online casino operators the chance to offer this slot to their players at different RTP settings, these are 96.5%, 95.5% and 94.5%. Now this might only sound like a small difference but in the long run these kind of numbers do matter and just make the slot more in favor of the online casino.

You should of course draw your own conclusions if a casino offers Eye of Cleopatra at one of the lower settings and we do suggest checking with them if it is not clear what they are using.

All that being said let us take a look at the theme for this slot which clearly has Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt playing a starring role (yes we know this is obvious from the title and the thumbnail) but since we are reviewing this slot we aim to be thorough.

Pragmatic Play have history of making some very good looking Egyptian themed slots and with this one they have once again raised the bar.

If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of Eye of Cleopatra slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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5 comments on "Eye of Cleopatra"

  1. All About Slots

    Pragmatic Play have released some more information about Eye of Cleopatra so we have updated our review of this slot machine to reflect this.

  2. All About Slots

    Eye of Cleopatra slot is scheduled to be released by Pragmatic Play on the 18th of April, 2022.

  3. jimbo

    I am actually quite surprised that Eye of Cleopatra was not already a slot name with so many Egyptian slots being released.

  4. Neo

    I love how Egyptian themed slots just continue to be popular even when a developer likes Pragmatic Play releases so many of them.

  5. All About Slots

    Eye of Cleopatra is an upcoming slot machine currently being developed by Pragmatic Play. We do not as yet know all the details of this slot machine but we will update our review and add the demo slot as soon as the developer releases more information and provides us with the demo.

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