Spartan King

Spartan King Demo Slot
Spartan King Slot

Game title: Spartan King

Game description: Reels; 5, Paylines: 40, RTP: 96.5%, Volatility: High, Maximum Win: 7494x

Author: Pragmatic Play

Spartan King Slot Review

Granted close to 7500x your bet as a maximum win is not the same as 15000x like some recent Pragmatic Play releases but it is still a considerable number that on its own makes Spartan King worth a spin or two. Sparta is of course a great theme for a slot and this is not the first time that we have seen it being used.  So Spartan King features boats, helmets, swords and all matter of icons that take you back to the age of Sparta as well as your standard low paying symbols. Spartan King is a slot that is highly volatile and to unlock the winning potential you will need to trigger the free spin round which will award up to 12 free spins. Giant shields acting as multipliers and wilds can then help you achieve wins of up to 7494x in combination with free spins that can be retriggered.

If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of Spartan King slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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14 comments on "Spartan King"

  1. neo

    Still shocked that nobody has made the somewhat obligatory “This is Sparta” comment on this slot

      • Kiwi

        Well I would have made it but now doing it would just make me look stupid 😉

  2. Cat

    Pretty much typical Pragmatic Play. Stats are not bad, gameplay is decent thanks to the shields.

  3. All About Slots

    We have added the demo of Spartan King slot

  4. Joe

    Kind of makes you wonder how they can pretend to promote “responsible gambling” actually which most say they do. Yet they show insane wins using demo money often not evening mentioning the fact.

  5. Joe

    I also feel that the way you do the videos of the slots is the right way to do it, it is actually why I enjoy and watch your videos. It is funny to see 20 free spins give 2x and stuff like that. I did note a few people on Youtube commenting and thinking it was a good idea to do things this way. Not only cause its fair but I think all the other slots sites and streamers hype things and make it look too easy to win money when we all know that its not.

  6. storm

    Thanks that makes perfect sense to me, I really like that approach and I am sure others will as well. I know slots will likely make me lose but like you guys I like playing them because they are fun and sometimes you do get lucky and it feels great. I watched one of your team on the PlayKrown channel on Thursday, she landed some nice wins !

  7. storm

    Hi, I have actually been meaning to ask this question for a while so here goes. When you play a slot like Spartan King or any other slot in demo mode do you keep playing until you get a huge win so you can show it in your videos?. I see this on almost every site that makes videos but it seems that you also show smaller wins.

    I mean 160x is decent but on a slot like Spartan King which has a stated max win of over 7000x it seems very little. So it does seem like you guys do things differently and I wondered about that.

    • All About Slots

      Hi Storm,

      This is actually a question that we receive quite a lot in comments on our Youtube videos and the answer is very simple. We know that most of the streamers/slots sites only show huge wins and they obviously do this to get more clicks/views or people deciding to play slots for real money. Now at Online Casino Slots News / All About Slots we do things differently. We love slots but only showing big wins makes it look like playing slots is a way to get rich or it portrays the slot in an incorrect way. The fact is that slots like any casino are designed to let the casino win and while you may get lucky in the end the casino always wins. You likely know this already but this is why when we make a video we show the win that we first get when we trigger the bonus feature. Sure we would love for it to be a big win but most of the time it will not be and this will reflect reality a lot better. Portraying gambling in a realistic way is important to us and showcasing responsible gambling is as well which is why on our streaming channel we play for smaller and realistic stakes as do we when we play for demo money.

  8. All About Slots

    We have added the preview video of Spartan King slot.

  9. All About Slots

    Spartan King is an upcoming release by Pragmatic Play that will come out on the 3rd of December.

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