Star Pirates Code

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Star Pirates Code Slot

Game title: Star Pirates Code

Game description: Reels; 5, Paylines: 10 (Pay both ways), RTP: 96.7%, Volatility: Medium, Maximum Win: 2500x

Author: Reel Kingdom

Star Pirates Code Slot Review

Star Pirates Code is a 5 reel video slot with 10 paylines. It comes in three different RTP settings namely 96.74%, 95.64% and 94.61%. The volatility of this slot is medium and the maximum win amount is 2500x your bet.

Obviously playing Star Pirates Code for real money is a lot more attractive at the higher RTP settings, if you are not sure what RTP setting the slot is using we recommend checking with your online casino.

For a medium variance slot machine 2500x your bet for a maximum win amount is more than acceptable and this of course makes it interesting to play. Its nice to have a slot that won’t break the bank yet is still capable of handing out a sizeable win.

The first real interesting thing about Star Pirates Code came when we started up the demo for the first theme. Thanks to the title of this slot machine we were expecting a space themed slot of some kind, an opinion reinforced by the thumbnail image that Pragmatic Play had made available to us.

Turns out though that the theme of this slot machine is all about a Ghost Pirate ship.

On the reels you will find a number of symbols that set the scene including low paying gems and higher paying coins with the highest paying symbol being the treasure chest which delivers a 15x win.

Then there is a Wild Compass which triggers a re spin feature as well as acting like a wild and there is an aptly named Skull & Crossbones wild which substitutes for all symbols except for the fore mentioned Wild Compass Wild.

There is no free spin mode but the respin mode does have some potential. The Wild Compass will choose a direction then turn the symbols in that direction into Wilds, these are sticky for the next respin and if you land another Wild Compass it keeps going until you do not land anymore.

Its an entertaining enough feature although that suits a slot of this variance and winning potential although at Online Casino Slots News we do always do like our slots to have a free spins bonus game.

All in all this is a fairly entertaining more user friendly slot that will appeal to those of you that like slots in this style. We don’t think its a great slot or anywhere near as innovative as some of the recent releases by Pragmatic Play but Star Pirates Code is still worth a spin or two in our book.

We actually totally forgot to mention the fact that Star Pirates Code pays both ways, this in combination with the theme really does make it look and feel a bit like a Starburst type slot machine,

If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of  Star Pirates Code  slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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15 comments on "Star Pirates Code"

  1. All About Slots

    Star Pirates Code slot was released today and is now available for real money play at all of our recommended online casinos.

  2. Cat

    Not very volatile, quite fun to play and an ok maximum win amount for a slot of this type. Star Pirates Code turned out to be better than I expected.

  3. Ragnar

    Star Pirates Code is definitely very Starbursty, that is not a bad thing though, I had fun playing the demo. I like the theme and the way it plays with the compass and am always a fan of fast paced slots like this.

  4. Neo

    So as I always do I just gave the demo of Star Pirates Code quite a few spins. As I and Steve suspected (well actually full credit to Steve) this slot is made by Reel KIngdom.
    It actually surprised me quite a bit as it actually seems to be quite a bit like Starburst. Not only does the theme remind me of that with all the crystal like symbols but the sound track reinforces that as well.
    Granted the compass works a little different but the pay both ways is the same and so is the respin.
    Turns out I actually rather like this one.

  5. All About Slots

    We have added the Star Pirates Code demo. Be sure to give this upcoming Reel Kingdom slot machine a spin or two for free and let us know what you think of it by leaving a rating and/or comment on this review.

  6. All About Slots

    We have just updated our Star Pirates Code review to mention the fact that this slot is in fact made by Reel Kingdom and released by Pragmatic Play. We expect to be able to make the Star Pirates Code demo available tomorrow morning so you will be able to play this upcoming release for free on our site.

  7. All About Slots

    We hope to be able to bring you the demo of Star Pirates Code within the next few days. It is definitely an interesting Pragmatic Play release that we know many of our visitors and members are looking forward to trying out in free play mode.

  8. Hodor

    I always have my doubts about respin features although perhaps Star Pirates Code is the slot that will make me change my mind.

  9. Neo

    Going by the review Star Pirates Code is not as good as I was hoping but of course that won’t stop me from giving the demo a spin when you add it. Not sure if that respin feature does enough on its own to keep me interested in playing it for long.

  10. All About Slots

    We have updated our review of Star Pirates Code.

  11. All About Slots

    We are still awaiting access to the Star Pirates Code demo which we hope to have in the next week or so. As soon as we are able to try it out we will of course update our review.

  12. Steve

    I am not sure what to expect from Star Pirates Code, I do sometimes enjoy lower variance slot machines and this seems to have pretty good potential for one so I will of course try it out when the demo becomes available. Going by the thumbnail I get the feeling its a slot made by Reel Kingdom though.

    • Neo

      Now that you mention it, one does get the impression from the thumbnail that it is not a Pragmatic Play developed slot but I guess we will know soon enough when the Star Pirates Code demo becomes available.

    • All About Slots

      You were totally right Steve, Star Pirates Code is in fact made by Reel Kingdom and we have updated our review accordingly.

  13. All About Slots

    Star Pirates Code is an upcoming slot machine by Pragmatic Play. It is due to be released on the 25th of October 2021. We do not yet have all the information about this slot but as soon as we know more and receive access to the demo we will update our review.

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