Starburst Slot

Because Starburst slot is so popular it is quite likely that you may find there is no demo money balance. This is not something that we control but up to the provider. If you find this is the case please try one of our other slots and try Starburst slot later.

Starburst Slot
Starburst Slot

Game title: Starburst

Game description: Reels: 5, Paylines: 10, RTP: 96.1%

Author: Netent

Starburst Slot Review

It is pretty easy to come to a conclusion about Starburst Slot as 30 seconds after you start playing, you will realize all the reasons why Starburst Slot is probably the most well known and favored slot machine in the world. 7 years old and still topping the chart kind of says it all.  Starburst is the slot that really put Netent on the map. If you have never played this slot before seriously give it a try! If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of  Starburst slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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User Review
4.36 (22 votes)

10 comments on "Starburst Slot"

  1. King

    3 Months after my last comment I just have to post that I am still playing this slot for real money. Seen lots of clones including a Megaways version by Pragmatic Play but nothing gets close to the original.

  2. Cat

    The Starburst slot demo seems to be running out of funds again, I tried it a few times today and it was out of demo money both times.

  3. King

    Still one of the best slots ever made, although it is starting to feel (as you would expect) a little dated. Have not played it for years but saw it at the top of the most voted list and gave it a few spins for free for nostalgic reasons.

  4. funky

    Nice to see a classic slot like Starburst again and still being played and enjoyed by a lot of people

  5. neo

    I think the thing about Starburst slot is that you just do not get bored playing it, there is always something going on when you play, it really does hand out smaller wins frequently and keeps the excitement high because of the bonus game which also triggers a lot.

  6. All About Slots

    From time to time one of our editorial team (or more) will revisit a slot on the website and see how the original review holds up after giving the slot machine some more playing time.

    Having come back to Starburst slot by Netent we really do not think that our opinion of this slot will ever change. We will grant you that the graphics are starting to look at little dated but this is still one of the best slot machines in the world.

    • All About Slots

      On a side note it is also one of the most played slot machines on our site so it is quite possible as we mention above that from time to time you cannot play Starburst slot for free as the demo money has run out. This will automatically be replenished by the provider but it is not something that we control.

  7. neo

    Having spent quite a bit of time playing Starburst slot since my last post it is not really surprising that this is the most voted slot machine on the website. Granted it looks a little dated but I still love playing. (and for those of you wondering, yes I have been playing it for real money and I do not think I will stop doing so in the near future).

  8. neo

    So I have never ever heard of or played Starburst slot before today which as you can read on my profile is due to the simple fact that I haven’t played any slots for years.

    I think the last time I played any slot machine was 2009 or thereabouts and Starburst was released after this and went on to become an all time classic if the review is to be believed.

    So of course I gave it a few spins today and admittedly it is a very good slot machine, the Starburst wilds really are as good as they say and even though it is indeed hard to explain exactly what makes this slot so good, I really liked it.

    Will be given this one a few spins for real money for sure.

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