Treasure Heroes Slot

Treasure Heroes Slot
Treasure Heroes Slot

Game title: Treasure Heroes

Game description: Reels: 5, Paylines: Cluster Pays, Variance: Medium, RTP: 96.12%, Maximum Win: 1925x, Features:, Free Spins, Moving Wall, Sticky Wilds, Wilds

Author: Rabcat

Treasure Heroes Slot Review

Rabcat have certainly created an interesting slot with Treasure Heroes. In fact explaining exactly how this slot machine works is next to impossible, it is one of those slots that you can really only figure out by playing it so we suggest trying out the free demo on this page. Visually this is a great looking slot that is extremely playable and sure to appeal to many players just not the ones that like high risk/high reward slots which this really is not.

If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of  Treasure Heroes slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.

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User Review
3.6 (5 votes)

7 comments on "Treasure Heroes Slot"

  1. Kiwi

    I reckon it is just you guys, I figured this out in under 10 minutes ? =P

    • barq

      It only took me two but I cheated and read the instructions ?

  2. funky

    Well I guess that makes three of us as I am still trying to get to grips with Treasure Heroes as well. I just want to know what is behind the doors!

  3. neo

    I have been playing the demo of Treasure Heroes for 30 minutes and I still have not figured out exactly how it works although in all fairness that is probably my own fault

    • TVG

      Well you are not the only one, I have been playing this for quite a bit and am also yet to figure out exactly what is going on and whether or not Treasure Heroes will be worth giving a spin for real money. So far I do like it though

  4. All About Slots

    This slot really is a lot of fun to figure out, please let us know how you got on with Treasure Heroes slot, leaving a rating only takes 1 click!

  5. All About Slots

    We were a little behind with adding Rabcat slots including Treasure Heroes, however it is still more than a week away from being officially released on the 5th of March.

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