Village People Macho Moves Slot

Village People Macho Moves Slot Review

"Young man there's no need to feel down I said young man pick yourself off the ground "

There is definitely something to get down about when it comes to the Village People Macho Moves Slot machine by Microgaming. What an epic dissapointment we found this slot to be, we are still down about it and it does not look as if we are going to pick ourselves of the grounnd after this one.

Seriously what a depressing effort by Microgaming, this slot sucks from the moment we first notice that it did not even use real music by the Village people and it was all downhill from there.

Yet another one to avoid from Microgaming who we have to admit have been releasing some terrible slots latetly. We are going to rate this one 0 stars, it really is that bad. We are now of to play some Netent Slots with Musical/band themes as they are always on point when it comes to these types of slots.

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