Upcoming Slots

At Online Casino Slots News we are often given early access to slot machines by a large number of developers.

And although we are unable to enable demo play for these slots we are able to bring you exclusive video previews that we have recorded.

Check out many different upcoming slots and decide in advance which ones you might like to play in future!

Note that for many upcoming slots we already have the demo available before release, you can find these demo slots on our New Slots page or on the relevant slots developer page.

All Slots with Exclusive Video Previews

For more information about any of these upcoming slots you can visit their review pages by clicking on the thumbnail listed below.

  • The Amazing Money Machine Slot
    The Amazing Money Machine Slot
  • Fire Joker Freeze Slot
    Fire Joker Freeze Slot
  • Gargoyle Infinity Reels Slot
    Gargoyle Infinity Reels Slot

11 comments on "Upcoming Slots"

  1. Cat

    I see your Youtube Channel “All About Slots” is doing well, getting close to that 1000 subscribers :-). I agree with everyone else btw this really is a much better way to view upcoming slots.

  2. All About Slots

    We have decided to show the actual preview videos on this page as it makes for better viewing than the way that we did it before.

    • neo

      Was checking this page out today and your are 100% right, I was having issues with some of the videos on mobile but when I load this page now its fine. I see you also moved the videos down on the actual slots page which solves the same problem.

    • storm

      Good choice, this way of listing the upcoming slots works well

  3. Scotty

    Great overview of upcoming slot machines, makes it easy to find out what I can look forward too.

  4. storm

    I really do like all the changes that have been made as of late, this also is so much better than what was here before. I enjoy watching videos of upcoming slots and now its easy to see what is coming out in future.

    • Joe

      Totally agree this makes life so much easier, I can just login and check for any new videos by visiting this page.

  5. neo

    Personally I think having the upcoming slots section like this and showing the preview videos makes a lot more sense than the way this section was structured before.

    • storm

      I agree much better this way, before you had to go through a ton of slots looking for which one had the demo or preview video available. Maybe add a section which which lists the demo of slots that have not yet been released?

    • Kiwi

      yeah i reckon it was a bit of a mess before and impossible to tell which upcoming slots actually had the demo already available. this is so much bette

  6. All About Slots

    If you would like to play the demo of these slots whenever we make one available simply bookmark the review page of any slot and/or follow us on social media & Youtube for the latest updates. We also publish regular editions of our slots news that covers most of the new demo slots that we add.

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